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Affordable Kitchen Renovation With Granite Countertop Resurfacing

Kitchen renovation that fits your pocket:

There are some basic steps that you need to follow when you decide to renovate your kitchen. Here I will give you a quick overview of what to do when renovating your kitchen; You will find more details throughout this website. The first step is, of course, to decide what your goals are for the kitchen. What do you want your remodel to accomplish for you?

You’ll want to do some research even at this early stage. What kind of materials will you want to use for the countertops? Granite is very popular, as is siltstone, which is made from natural quartz and comes in a wide range of colors. What type of wood do you want for your cabinets and how light or dark should they be? What about the ground? Next, you need to consider which appliances will need to be replaced, how you want the room painted, lighting, and any major changes to your kitchen design.

Where to start from:

Of course, there is one very important goal to consider: your budget! How much will you want to spend? Do you want to get a home equity loan for your remodel or have you saved money for this project? Now you’ll want to start outlining your ideas. You don’t need to be a great artist; Just grab some graph paper, a pen or pencil, and a ruler and start tracing things out. Of course, if you’re more tech-inclined, you can also do it on the computer if you have the right software.

Generally speaking, you’ll want your refrigerator, stove, and sink to form a triangle in your kitchen. Include plenty of room to walk and room to eat. Do you want an island in your kitchen or will that just be a hindrance? How will the table be? You’ll also want to see where the outlets are, keeping in mind where you plan to put your appliances. You may have to move outlets or plumbing if you’re rearranging your layout. Don’t forget to consider installing additional outlets.

Make sure your sketches include dimensions. Whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring professionals, accurate dimensions will help you plan well and give you the best feeling a paper sketch can give of what your kitchen will look like. Many home improvement stores will have kitchen designers on their staff, and this is a resource you should take advantage of. They’ll review your plans with you and may have ideas you haven’t considered.

Think about your pocket and choice:

When it comes time to place your order, make sure your measurements are very, very accurate or you’re going to have a terrible time with your kitchen remodel. You can have professionals come in and take the measurements for you. In fact, if you have your cabinets and countertops professionally installed, you’ll have professionals taking measurements. If the store accepts your measurements without question and without sending their own people, you’ll probably want to shop elsewhere. You’re spending too much money on remodeling your kitchen to have that kind of luck.

Your cabinets, of course, will be installed before your new countertops. In fact, until your cabinets are installed, they can’t even start working on your countertops if you’ve chosen granite or siltstone (or other stone) countertops because they need to make a template. Request installation of temporary countertops and a sink so you’re not eating out all the time waiting for the countertops to be cut. It can take weeks.

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