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Advantages and security of an email archiving service

Did you know that experts are urging almost every business to implement a state-of-the-art email archiving service in the cloud to seamlessly streamline your organizational correspondence? Yes, it’s a fact that in this litigation-friendly world, it’s important for businesses to better organize their email correspondence to comply with eDiscovery and legal requirements. Without an integrated filing system, it’s almost impossible to dig through the huge and growing volumes of emails (which are collected on an almost daily basis by almost every company) to identify the requested information. In fact, companies that still rely on that traditional message storage process to organize messages pose a fairly significant risk to all of their significant inbound and outbound messages. Therefore, experts propose that the cloud email archiving service stands out as the optimal solution for all these growing challenges. This is usually because the state-of-the-art, flexible external system offers a fairly dedicated location to store all business data and email correspondence. This not only keeps all your business correspondence secure, but at the same time helps reduce the load on your email server.

Additionally, cloud-based email services also drastically change the way all email correspondence works. It can hardly be denied that email stands as the dominant form of business communication today. And in the cloud, the pure concept of email archiving also becomes quite interactive and also useful. An integrated email archiving service also allows end users to seamlessly search and retrieve information.

Let’s take a closer look at cloud-based email services

There are practically a variety of benefits of cloud-based email archiving. However, the main advantages are:

-Improve data storage management.

-Reduction of IT costs

-Enable easier, cheaper, faster and more efficient regulatory compliance

-Speed ​​up the response required for e-Discovery requests.

-In fact, any cloud-based filing system is quite easy to implement, much easier to use and also quite cost-effective than other solutions.

-It is also quite different from traditional “on-premises” file systems and is generally delivered as a typical service over the Internet, thus eliminating any cost associated with configuration, installation, maintenance, and licensing.

-Cloud-based email services also often have a price in the system known as “per mailbox per month”. This helps the organization to have a clear idea about the email archiving and storage budget.

-It can also block all kinds of email threats and spam attacks. This helps reduce the chance of a viral attack and also helps free up more bandwidth.

Is it at all a secure system?

The answer to this relevant question is a resounding yes. This is because any effective cloud-based archiving system keeps data secure at all times. The service provider uses a specific type of Secure Socket Layers (SSL) system to encrypt all communications and to transfer data to or from the data center. However, the current security benchmark requires data to be encrypted with military-grade AES 256-bit encryption.

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