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7 key rules for maintaining your car tires

In today’s world, maintenance and carelessness can determine the life of your tires. It’s hard enough to take care of each and every part of your vehicle to maintain performance or extend the life of one of your most valuable assets. Neglecting to maintain your car tires can be very costly.

Pay attention to these key areas to save on replacement instead of monitoring your vehicle’s performance and checking other parts. According to experts, tire maintenance isn’t rocket science, it’s just a set of basic rules that are easy to follow to prolong tire life.

Know the level of inflation: You better know the level of inflation, which is the biggest influence on tire life. They are designed to work at a specific pressure. So collect your exact axle load information or consult a tire load chart. These are also available online so you can make adjustments accordingly.

Join a good inflation maintenance program: It is better if you can join a good tire maintenance program, which is quite difficult as they naturally lose air. Small punctures or valve caps can cause leaks. Be sure to check your tires regularly or once a week for a quick leak.

Reduce your driving speed: It is always recommended to control driving speed because high speed generates more heat and accelerates tire wear. Average speed between 55 mph and 75 mph can reduce your total tread mileage by 20%, so be sure to keep your speed around 55 mph to increase mileage.

Keep your vehicles well aligned: Vehicle misalignment is the main reason for uncertain wear. Unexpected tread wear would appear on parts of the tires if they don’t run straight. The vehicle needs to be properly aligned, so you better start a serious alignment program that can increase your tire mileage by 30%.

mount it correctly: You better keep an eye on the performance of your car tires. You will need to watch that your rims are mounted or matched to the wheel correctly. The high point can vary from tire to tire, so be careful of this mark when mounting tires. It is better if you take the high point to match the low point of the wheel.

Check and replace a wheel on time: You need to check your wheels and suspension components in time to be able to replace these hidden enemies of your tires. If the wheel bearing is not tightened properly it can cause uneven wear. Worn shock absorbers can cause depression wear on the treads and a premature trip to the scrap pile. Don’t wait for suspension components to break or leak. It is better if you can replace the shock absorbers and other suspension components.

Rotate tires: Smart tire rotation is very important to promote even tread wear and add many extra miles to tread life. It’s best to rotate drive tires between the front and rear positions once every few months to even out wear. The rear tires will wear out faster than the front, so it’s best if you emphasize smart tire rotation.

If you follow these basic ways to maintain your car tires, you will find better mileage, a smoother ride, and less maintenance or replacement cost of car tires. This is the ideal way to extend the life of your tire and make it reliable for the long haul.

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