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4 Green Home Renovation Tips To Tune Your Home Into Nature This New Year

The New Year is one of the most anticipated and most celebrated holidays. It is at this time when family and friends gather and share joyous activities and delicious dishes to give thanks for the blessings received throughout the year. But before the year is out, many people also indulge in various home renovation efforts and re-imagine their house as new. If you’re one of those people looking for a few tips, here are some tips that can freshen up the look of your home and make it greener.

Add the plants from the inside out.

The garden is not the only part of your property where plants are supposed to be planted. Even inside your house, you can add some potted vegetables. Choose those that grow in minimum heights. They can be placed in the middle of a coffee table or a side table. It is better to choose plants that have a slight menthol aroma to provide a scent that mosquitoes and other insects avoid. You can hang ornamental plants on your terrace using empty plastic bottles. Decorate them if you wish.

Use wooden or bamboo tables.

Wood and bamboo are two materials that will never be off the top lists when it comes to tables. In addition to being cheaper than steel and glass ones, they are also more environmentally friendly. Its sources are renewable. They can also decrease the carbon footprint of your home.

Color your walls with VOC-free paints.

Paints have long been used to transform the appearance and breathe new life into inactive spaces. If you’re tired of the look of your wall, now is the perfect time to splash it with new colors and shades through VOC-free paints. This type of paint is harmless to indoor air. They are devoid of chemicals and are therefore not dangerous to health. Color options depend on your mood, motive, or the look you want to achieve and impart. For next year, the general recommendations include earth colors.

Inspire your garden with recessed walls made of plastic bottles.

Apart from selling empty plastic bottles to garbage collectors, another green idea with them is to use them on the walls. With a large amount of cement, you can eliminate the use of hollow blocks to form a wall. Walls made from plastic bottles are starting to attract attention due to their sustainability. Some are even making colorful patterns with the use of colored cement. If you are still empty of this idea, you can browse the web and search for patterns and inspirations.

In fact, the New Year is one of the most appropriate times to do home renovations. But a homeowner should never forget to keep in mind that with change, the environment must always be considered, especially in these days when green efforts are strongly pushed.

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