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Evolution of Conference Rooms

We have come a long way away from analog meetings, where minimal equipment and tools such as whiteboards, flip charts and overhead projectors are used. However, during meetings like that, it is not as efficient as a lot of time is wasted doing things manually. With the evolution of technology, the advent of the Internet […]

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Five strategies for organic SEO

Of all the internet marketing strategies in use today, organic search engine optimization, or organic SEO, is one of the oldest and battle-tested methods of achieving top rankings in search results. Organic SEO works to create rankings for the website based on having highly relevant content that is applicable to the keyword phrases that users […]

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What is a stock broker?

Those who wish to buy or sell shares of publicly traded companies do so by hiring a stockbroker. The broker receives a commission and, in some cases, a monthly fee for managing the account. When most people use the term “stockbroker,” they are most likely referring to a stock broker. However, there are some differences […]

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Foods to increase brain power

You are what you eat. Feed your brain the right foods to increase mental toughness and improve memory and learning. Did you know that although your brain is the command center of the body, it only accounts for about two percent of your total body weight? If you eat the right number of calories to […]