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Legal Law admin 

How to deal with Internet risk

How risky is the Internet today? The Internet has become so entangled in our daily lives that it seems that no one can live without it. This is perfectly understandable. The Internet grants a series of advantages to its participants in the personal, commercial and social aspects of their lives. However, despite its overwhelming advantages, […]

Real Estate admin 

What happens when flood insurance runs out?

No one can predict accurate weather patterns and especially the intensity of rainfall. The result is that as Climate Change bites and the seasons merge, a large percentage of UK homeowners, domestic and commercial, will potentially be at risk in multiple ways. Some require flood insurance under strict terms of contract, lease, or occupational license. […]

Business admin 

How to turn a website into a money making machine

Earning money online requires four main elements. 1) A product or service that people are willing to pay for. 2) The technology infrastructure that allows prospects to find and interact with your business online. 3) Traffic that brings potential customers to your site. 4) Convert those prospects into customers and collect their money. While all […]