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Legal Law admin 

The Dream Act – Immigration Law Reform in 2010?

One of the many changes President Obama has promised America is immigration law reform. Many ideas have been discussed. One of them is the DREAM Act, sponsored by Senator Lugar of Indiana and Senator Durbin of Illinois, among others. The basic idea is to allow certain illegal immigrants who were brought here by their parents […]

Lifestyle Fashion admin 

Jet lag condition and useful remedies

We live in a world of frequent travel. Jet lag is a condition that can occur when traveling by plane across time zones. The medical term for jet lag is known as “desynchronization.” Simply put, jet lag affects your internal biological clock. Many people are affected by jet lag when they travel. It can put […]

Real Estate admin 

How do I decide the right price to buy a house?

You’ve heard the adage: profits are made when you buy the property. Simple, but powerful. Unfortunately, investors often forget that lesson and end up paying too much for properties. If I’m going to rehab a property and commit funds to that project, it’s critical that I know the right price to pay (and then buy […]

Shopping Product Reviews admin 

The case of Google Pixel

Internet and software giant Google surprised tech industry insiders and Android lovers alike with its pair of flagship phones about a month ago and most people still haven’t figured out what to do with the new ones. Pixel and Pixel XL phones. Both phones mark a complete departure from Google’s previous way of doing things. […]

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The Fantasy Report: Beltran on top

Fantasy news and notes * Jeff Kent will be activated from the 15-day disabled list Monday after experiencing soreness in his left oblique. He’s not 100 percent yet, but it looks like he’s eager to try. Kent is expected to play first base until Nomar Garciaparra returns. * Bartolo Colon, has tendinitis in his right […]

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Sharing experience, strength and hope in recovery

Although Twelve-Step Recovery is a process that encompasses consistent meeting attendance, service, sponsorship, and striving for spirituality, its cornerstone is sharing experience, strength, and hope. It is a multidirectional dynamic that allows the person to tell their own story, sheds light on the story of others, and allows God or a Higher Power to lift […]

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How Your eBay Store Should Be Developed

As economic struggles continue globally, people are trying to find ways to make money. During all this search to find new ways to make money, people have stumbled upon using the internet to earn. One of those internet associated ways of earning potential is eBay. Having an eBay store brings with it many advantages including […]