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Relationship admin 

Home-based treatment with folk remedies

Home remedies are nothing more than something that can cure you simply with the natural things and foods available in our kitchen cupboard. Folk remedies are a kind of first aid therapy for the body. Something that we can all try at home and get good results. We can just forget about the doctor for […]

Health Fitness admin 

Can black magic help you lose weight?

Have you tried traditional weight loss methods? Of course you have. Nothing seems to work, right? Obesity and weight gain are a modern day curse that exercise and traditional weight loss advice seem powerless to address. But there is another way. I guarantee that you can lose weight with very little effort. All you need […]

Legal Law admin 

What do recruiters want to see on your resume?

I heard from one of my clients who was offered a new job. When she received the offer, the hiring manager told her that when they saw her resume, they *just* had to figure out who the person behind this unusually elaborate document was! Interestingly, he had received less positive feedback from other people. However, […]

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squirrels at home

Ever since he was a puppy, my Kona dog had a very strong bladder. So when he grew up, it didn’t surprise me that we were able to leave him alone for a long time. The day I went to work and left it for over 12 hours was one of those days. When I […]

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What is real estate investment?

The question, “What is investing in real estate?” cannot be answered without first considering its textbook definition and then its conceptual definition. The academic definition Real estate has been defined as land (or real estate) together with anything permanently affixed to the land, such as buildings, and investment is the act of using money to […]