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I can’t hit in my dreams

Bearing in mind that dreams are 99 percent of the time, symbolic games carried out by the subconscious mind. Each root meaning unfolds in what appear to be unrelated events, but are actually very closely related when you think in terms of meaning, emotion, and symbols. It’s just another language. But it is a logical […]

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Email Management Tips

Consider the following statistics: o Every day 8 billion emails are exchanged on the Internet. o The average business user spends at least 2 hours a day dealing with email. It’s no wonder almost everyone who uses email as their primary mode of communication struggles to cope with the volume of mail they receive every […]

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What Is a Knowledge Management Solution?

Knowledge Management Solution Getting an effective knowledge management solution is crucial for a number of reasons. It can help improve customer service metrics, such as ticket completion time, as well as help reps find the information they need. It can also keep everyone informed about product changes in the company. It is important that a […]